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Blood, sweat, and big ideas: data science for start-ups

Back in April 2015, Stewart Whiting met with Chris McCann for a coffee to discuss the huge potential for solving global healthcare challenges with inexpensive wearable sensors and data analytics. The pair joined David Bowie to form snap40 with the mission to catch deteriorating health earlier in hospital patients, thereby improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital costs.

Fast-forward two years and snap40 have secured £2 million in funding (the largest seed round secured by a Scottish based startup), completed the first hospital trial of its clinical-grade upper-arm wearable device and been awarded a £1 million contract by NHS England.

Data science is at the heart of the product and Stewart (who interned at Microsoft Research in Silicon Valley) will share the snap40 journey in his presentation “Blood, sweat, and big ideas: start-up data science” at the Data Summit.

Delving into more technical detail, Stewart will be joined by Snap40 Senior Data Scientist Jason Costello to run a breakout session “Dream big. Execute incrementally: Lessons in data science implementation and strategy”. From their experience at Microsoft Research, Apple and Skyscanner Stewart and Jason will share their knowledge of using data science to deliver value from start-up to scale-up.

Like snap40, there are an increasing number of Scottish startups developing products with data at their core. The second day of the Data Summit will showcase five leading Scottish startups across a number of domains: Zonefox (recently secured £3.6 million in funding for its cyber security offering), XDesign, Wallet Services, SpecifiedBy, and Emotech.

To view the full Data Summit programme and buy tickets, visit our website and follow us on Twitter @DataFest_ to keep up to date on the latest announcements!

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