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Communicate with Impact:

Mastering Data Visualisation

How many times have you squinted at a graph to try and understand the axis (never mind the key insight) or winced at the sight of yet another 3D pie chart on a colleague’s slide? 

The fact is that all the significant effort you spend cleansing, modelling and analysing data is wasted if your results cannot be presented in a clear and compelling manner.  Everyone in the data value chain needs to understand the key principles to communicate compelling stories with data: leaders, engineers, analysts and data scientists.

In his Data Summit session “The Good, The Bad And The Grey of Data Visualisation” Andy Kirk, leading data visualisation specialist and author of “Data Visualisation: a Handbook for Data Driven Design” which was rated in the top six best books of 2016 for data geeks by the Financial Times, will present a whirlwind tour on the art and science of contemporary data visualisation practices.

Andy will cover the rights – the things to do - and the wrongs – the things to avoid – as well as shine a light on the elusive grey areas – the ‘maybe’s and the ‘possibly’s, leaving the audience with a better sense of the fresh thinking that can help accomplish quick improvements in their work as well as longer term enhancements to their capabilities.

Join us at the Data Summit to learn the secrets to success with data visualisation.  Visit the Data Summit web site to purchase tickets and for further information on the full programme

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