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Data for good: collaborating to save lives

Whilst much of the attention on the growth of data science has been to improve business outcomes, there is increasing focus on using data and technology to drive social benefit, tackling areas such as inequality, child poverty and climate change. We are therefore delighted to welcome UNICEF as our charity partner for DataFest to highlight the progress, challenges and opportunities in changing children’s lives using data.

The quote “Data is a team sport” is regularly used in industry to convey the need for collaboration across stakeholders and technologists to deliver real value from data. In complex international development problems collaboration is even more vital, where no single government or institution is capable of having all the answers.

On the second day of the Data Summit Natalia Adler, data research and policy planning lead from UNICEF HQ in New York, will discuss how UNICEF is using collaboration to connect real-life socioeconomic problems around the world with the launch of the Data Collaboratives initiative. Natalia will also discuss how collaboration with a Scottish data startup is having a positive impact on the ground in Africa and encourage the tech ecosystem around Scotland to participate in advancing the rights of children around the world.

We are also excited to welcome Nuria Oliver, Chief Data Scientist at The Data Pop Alliance and Director of Data Science Research at Vodafone, to the Data Summit. Continuing the theme of using data to benefit society, Nuria will discuss the opportunities and challenges in using data for good presenting some of the work she has delivered in the past 8 years in the areas of public health, natural disasters, economic development an crime.

To view the full Data Summit programme and buy tickets, visit our website and follow us on Twitter @DataFest_ to keep up to date on the latest announcements!

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