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Leadership: the key to delivering value from data

Let’s start with a reality check: the rise of the data scientist promised unbound value to organisations looking to unlock insight from Big Data.  Several years later, many organisations have experienced failed data initiatives and delivered little or no return on their investments; indeed research suggests up to 80% of all Big Data initiatives will fail. 

Whilst many reasons contribute to these failures, there is one critical element organisations must conquer to stand a chance of success: leadership.

Data leaders create, own, evangelise and deliver the vision and strategy as to how data will be used across the organisation to deliver value that is critical to your organisation’s success. They have a unique mix of senior leadership experience and tech savvy, equally comfortable leading major change programmes or working with their tech teams to evaluate algorithms and infrastructure. This type of leader, is the true unicorn of the data value chain and is in short supply.

The Data Summit features curated sessions discussing the role of the data leader, giving you recipes for success and strategies to minimise the challenges you will face from the experience of data leaders around the world including:

  • A panel session on the role of the data leader with Mark Hunter (Chief Data Officer, Sainsbury’s Bank), John Akred (Chief Technology Officer, Silicon Valley Data Science) and Frances Sneddon (Chief Technology Officer, Simul8)
  • How to run agile data science teams, aligned to the needs of your organisation with John Akred (Silicon Vally Data Science)
  • How to create a successful startup where data is core to the product with Stewart Whiting (Founder and Data Lead at Snap40)
  • Transformation using data from organisations including McLaren Formula 1, O2, NHS  and TfL.

Whether you are at the start of your data journey or are actively leading an initiative, these sessions will provide you with invaluable insight to navigate the path to sustainable value from your data. Maybe next year you will be up on the stage sharing your experiences with the next generation of data leaders!

Visit the Data Summit web site to purchase tickets and for further information on the full programme.

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