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  • Edinburgh Cityscope

    Open Data Workshop


    Edinburgh Cityscope aims to turn Edinburgh into a Global City of Learning. Join us at this hands-on workshop where we will show you how to use the Cityscope Workbench in order to work with Edinburgh Open Data datasets, and then how to produce visualisations with them, both individually and combined. Experience of Python or R programming languages would be useful.


    Event Date: Monday 20th March


    Event Host: Edinburgh CityScope, University of Edinburgh


    Time: 10am – 12pm


    Location: Argyle House, 3 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9DR




    Datathon 2017


    Edinburgh Fintech and Deloitte will hold Scotland’s first ever datathon. Based on a shared set of data, teams will have 24 hours to solve a challenge around the area of financial inclusion. For more info: www.edinburghfintech.com


    Event date: Monday 20th &

    Tuesday 21st March


    Event host: Edinburgh Fintech & Deloitte


    Time: Monday 12pm - Tuesday 5pm



    Saltire Court, 20 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2EN



    Data – Finding the Business Value​


    Big Data, Small Data, Open Data, Smart Data, Data Lakes, Data Visualisation…the list of data terms goes on and on. But what does it all mean for your business and your customers?

    This 60-minute session will cover and answer questions on this and more.


    Event date: Monday 20th March


    Event host: Head Resourcing


    Time: 12pm – 1.30pm


    Location: HBJ Gateley, 19 Canning Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EH



    Data Visualisation: D3.js Taster & Survival Guide


    Learn how to grasp the core concepts and techniques of D3.js’s programming patterns and develop your own in-browser debug skills at this short and interactive session with Prof Mike Chantler.


    Event date: Monday 20th March


    Event host: Totallytextures Ltd.


    Time: 2pm - 4.30pm


    Location: Newhaven Lecture Theatre, 15 South College Street



    Changing Lives with Data


    Data can change lives! Huge amounts of data are made freely available by government and other organisations across Scotland. Find out what is available, how it is used, and how you can use it to provide insights which could change lives!


    Event date: Monday 20th March


    Event host: National Records of Scotland


    Time: 1pm – 4pm


    Location: The Dome, New Register House,

    3 West Register Street





    The Travelling Gallery


    The exhibition presents work by German artist KP Brehmer ‘Soul and Feelings of a worker’ (1978 – 1980) who uses collected data, graphs and charts, to map the daily emotions of workers from very happy to uneasy.


    Event date: Monday 20th - Friday 24th March


    Event host: Edinburgh City Council & The Travelling Gallery


    Time: 9am - 5pm



    Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd March – Grassmarket, Edinburgh

    Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th March– Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh


    Registration: Open to the public

    Intro to CivTech®


    Win Government contracts? Start a business? Access to Public Sector clients? Come find out more about the CivTech® pilot that offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the public sector in a meaningful, effective and productive way.


    Event date: Tuesday 21st March


    Event host: CivTech®


    Time: 11am – 12.30pm


    Location: CivTech® Studio, CodeBase,




    Playing with Research Data from the University of Edinburgh’s DataShare Repository​


    Find out how to navigate your way around the research data generated by University of Edinburgh researchers and play with it!


    Event Date: 21st March 2017


    Event Host: EDINA, University of Edinburgh


    Time: 11.30 am to 1.30 pm


    Location: Argyle House, 3 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9DR



    Data Changes Everything


    The Ayrshire College DataFest 2017 event will allow businesses across Ayrshire to hear about the benefits and challenges presented by big data, as well as the importance of the digital agenda to the Ayrshire Growth Deal.


    Event date: Tuesday 21st March


    Event host: Ayrshire College


    Time: 9am – 1pm


    Location: Ayrshire College



    The Power of Qualitative Data


    Data doesn’t just mean numbers and big data. This workshop will celebrate the contribution of small and deep qualitative data, bringing together qualitative and mixed-methods researchers from any field to discuss methods, analysis and findings.


    Event date: Tuesday 21st March


    Event host: Quirkos


    Time: 1.30 – 4pm


    Location: The Melting Pot, Edinburgh



    Big Data and Data Analytics: Reducing costs & unlocking reserves​


    Data Science and Data Analytics has the potential to transform the Oil and Gas Industry. Aberdeen DataFest 2017 will focus on exploring how Big Data and Data Analytics can help the industry reduce costs and unlock reserves.

    Event date: Tuesday 21st March


    Event host: The Data Lab


    Time: 12.30pm - 5pm (Lunch included)


    Location: Oil & Gas Technology Centre, 20 Queens Road, Aberdeen



    How Data Transforms

    Cities & Communities


    Showcasing USMART - UrbanTide’s next generation data sharing platform for open data, real-time data and smart organisations, the event will include a series of talks and presentations by members of the open data and smart cities community in Scotland.


    Event date: Tuesday 21st March


    Event host: UrbanTide


    Time: 6pm – 9/9.30pm


    Location: Codebase, Edinburgh



    Visualisation of Spatial Data

    using QGIS


    Ever wondered how people create those 3D maps and data visualisations? Want to know how to animate data on maps to show how it changes over time? Come along to the University of Edinburgh where the map and spatial data experts behind services like Digimap www.edina.digimap.ac.uk will show you how to create data visualisations with Free and Open Source Software.


    Event Date: Tuesday 21st March


    Event Host: EDINA, University of Edinburgh


    Time: 9.15am – 11.15am


    Location: Argyle House, 3 Lady Lawson Street,

    Edinburgh, EH3 9DR



    Smarter Tourism:

    Shaping Glasgow’s Data Plan



    Glasgow Life, Scottish Enterprise and VisitScotland are looking to develop a Data Plan for the city’s thriving tourism sector. Glasgow DataFest 2017 will focus on offering attendees from industry and academia the opportunity to learn more about the city’s current priorities and plans in the tourism space.


    Event date: Wednesday 22nd March


    Event host: The Data Lab


    Time: 9am -1pm (lunch included)


    Location: City Observatory, Institute for Future Cities,

    University of Strathclyde Technology & Innovation Centre



    The World's Favourite Number - with Alex Bellos


    At The Data Lab, we believe #DataChangesEverything. But to actually extract value from data, a set of skills are required, and math is definitely one of them.


    In this event, we look to inspire school kids to study and enjoy maths, by helping them understand its real life applications, and the exciting careers that can unfold for a maths enthusiast. Alex talk will focus on the emotional connection that people have with numbers.


    This event is open to P6, P7 and S1 students from Scottish schools. Spaces are limited, so please register soon to secure attendance for your class.


    Event Date: Friday 24th March


    Event Host: The Data Lab


    Time: 9:30am – 11am


    Location: The Data Lab, 15 South College Street Edinburgh Scotland



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