Making Sense of AI, ML and Data Science

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Jared Lander


Chief Data Scientist of Lander Analytics, Adjunct Professor of Statistics, Columbia University

Abstract: When I was in grad school it was called statistics. A few years later I told people I did machine learning and after seeing the confused look on their face I changed that to data science which excited them. More years passed, and without changing anything I do, I now practice AI, which seems scary to some people and somehow involves ML. During this talk we will demystify buzzwords, technical terms and overarching ideas. We'll touch upon key concepts and see a little bit of code in action to get a sense of what is happening in ML, AI or whatever else we want to call the field.

Bio: Jared Lander is the Chief Data Scientist of Lander Analytics a data science consultancy based in New York City, the Organizer of the New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup and the New York R Conference and an Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Columbia University.  With a masters from Columbia University in statistics and a bachelors from Muhlenberg College in mathematics, he has experience in both academic research and industry.  His work for both large and small organizations ranges from music and fund raising to finance and humanitarian relief efforts.

He specializes in data management, multilevel models, machine learning, generalized linear models, data management and statistical computing.  He is the author of R for Everyone: Advanced Analytics and Graphics, a book about R Programming geared toward Data Scientists and Non-Statisticians alike and is creating a course on glmnet with DataCamp.

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