Tools for Data Visualization

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Benjamin Bach


Lecturer for Design Informatics and Visualization, University of Edinburgh

Abstract: The recent increase for the need of data visualization has lead to an increase of available tools and toolkits for interactive exploratory data analysis and presentation. This talk aims to sketch a picture of the current landscape of tools by giving a high-level overview over tools for data visualization. The goal is to help navigating this landscape and being able to make informed decisions about which tool to chose for a specific scenario. The talk will discuss tools along general dimensions, such as required programming skills, visualizations, data types, commercial and research prototypes, as well as media such as screen or immersive environments. I will discuss and briefly introduce tools such as Tableau, D3, Vega-lite, Data-driven guides, RawGraphs, DXR and IATK, Gephi, Vistorian, and others. The talk will include brief demos of some selected tools, as time permits. However, the talk will not deliver in-depth tutorials into any tools. As there is currently no platform to share experiences with data visualization tools, the talk aims to introduce a prototype of such a crowd-sourced platform.

Bio: Before joining the University of Edinburgh in 2017 as a Lecturer, Benjamin was a postdoc at Harvard University, Monash University, as well as the Microsoft-Research Inria Joint Centre. Benjamin was visiting researcher at the University of Washington and Microsoft Research in 2015. He obtained his PhD in 2014 from the Université Paris Sud where he worked at the Aviz Group at Inria. His PhD thesis entitled Connections, Changes, and Cubes: Unfolding Dynamic Networks for Visual Exploration got awarded an honorable mention as the Best Thesis by the IEEE Visualization Committee.

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