Take a Peak - adventurous mobile app



Patrik Drhlík


Freelance data scientist

Abstract: The talk will present a brand new project called Take a Peak (Horobraní is an official Czech name). It's a mobile app with a database of roughly 13 thousand mountains from the Czech Republic. Users are rewarded with points for visiting each of the peaks. These points are equal to the altitude of the mountain.

I will show how I used R for web scraping to create a database of mountains. QGIS how to create mountain range shapefiles that can be used in R again to assign them to each of the peaks. The resulting dataset is used in the mobile app that uses user's GPS location to log their visit to the peak and sends the results to a remote web API.

Bio: Patrik is an R-blogger and a freelance data scientist who likes tackling various data related problems. He's been recently developing a mobile/web app that allows its users to visit and collect mountain peaks in the Czech Republic.

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