When Data Becomes Evidence - analyzing data in the context of litigation and regulatory investigations.



Inés Rubio


Head of Information Management and Incident Response - BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience (Ireland)

Abstract: The more information humans have access to, the more they create. That information can be such a vital part of their lives that it often becomes evidence which requires legal review. The use of new technologies by humans is creating new data types which are very different to the paper-based evidence used by legal practitioners in the past. What implications do these have and what tools do legal professionals have to use to better understand this evidence without incurring in undue delays and rising costs? How can the legal world approach and maximize benefits by using new technologies and data to their advantage?

Bio: Having started her career in Human Rights and International Criminal Law, Inés has been working in the legal industry since 2010 specializing in legal case management and eDiscovery.

Inés has assisted law firms, corporations, financial organizations and public bodies to work through electronic document review projects in the context of litigation, regulatory investigations and data breaches, using eDiscovery tools in the most effective way.

Inés holds a masters degree in Law, is a certified project and people manager and certified administrator in eDiscovery tools such as Relativity and Veritas eDiscovery.

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