Using the cloud to deliver rapid data exploration at scale



Nick Finch


CTO - DataPA Limited

Abstract: We wanted to build an analytics solution that would allow our customers to freely explore summaries of their data. The challenge was building a platform that could deliver summary views of large datasets on demand. I’ll explain how we used one of the many online data warehouse providers to deliver rapid SQL queries on large datasets. I’ll then show how we used server-less cloud computing to build a data transformation layer that could scale to any size of data or number of requests, whilst remaining responsive and robust.

My aim is to demystify cloud technology for those who have not yet embraced it. I’ll discuss how you can use the coding languages and tools you are familiar with, whilst taking advantage of the cost savings and scalability cloud computing offers. I will argue that if you are working with data at scale, you should be using cloud technology.

Bio: As co-founder and CTO at DataPA, I have spent the last 20 years helping our business deliver analytics and data visualisation solutions to industry.

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