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Dundee Together - Data Hack

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Free Event

Abertay University, Dundee City Council, Wittin and the High School of Dundee plan to host an access to all Data Hack as part of DataFest19. This event is a follow up to last year’s highly successful event and will provide an opportunity for the public, Dundee City Council and students and pupils alike to work together to explore open data in collaboration with data scientists, games developers and ethical hackers, to develop ideas that would benefit the city of Dundee and beyond.

It will be held at Abertay University and at The High School of Dundee on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th March. The focus is an open one to explore open data using a range of tools that may for example capture Dundee's heritage via interactive story boarding or highlight improvements in the services of Dundee city and beyond.

We invite all those with curiosity, ideas, creativity, and a willingness to explore to come along and advance your data skills in a supportive environment. You’ll learn new packages that can be used to analyse and visualise data.

We plan to have folks on hand to help share their ideas and we will run some talks and workshops to help everyone explore open data irrespective of background.

Take a look now at some of the data sets you might want to explore on the days of the event here at Dundee’s open data. We will be accessing this and other Scottish Government open data and will be able to share other data sets of potential interest; we are adding to these all the time!

Our aim is simple; we want to everyone to access and make use of data in Dundee! Come and join us! We would except circa 50 attendees on the weekend.

We are also in the planning of a pupil event for all schools and pupils across Dundee that might operate on a school day either side of this weekend.

Event Date: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th March and a weekday either side of the chosen weekend for school pupils to participate.