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An Introduction to Computer Vision and Deep Learning

  • CENSIS, Inovo Building 121 George Street Glasgow, Scotland, G1 1RD United Kingdom (map)
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Free Event

The aim of the workshop is to introduce some basic concepts of computer vision using OpenCV, Python and deep learning. By applying object detection, you can determine what is in an image, and where it is. Object detection is an integral part of many current and emerging systems. It is used in applications ranging from automotive guidance and people counting in the built environment to defect detection and robotics in manufacturing.

An introduction to the YOLO (“You Only Look Once”) object detector will be presented, including the detector model and architecture, how the object detector works, its advantages and limitations.

We will use a large-scale object detection, segmentation and captioning dataset called COCO. COCO is trained on 80 object categories, such as people, bicycles, cars and trucks, airplanes, stop signs, animals and many more.

The YOLO object detector will first be applied to detect objects in images. The YOLO object detector will then be applied to detect objects in video streams.

Attendees will be taken step-by-step through the code development of the object detection algorithm. By the end of the workshop the attendees will have a basic object detection algorithm implemented on their laptop.

The workshop will be delivered by the teams at CENSIS and Thales. The workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 attendees, as result the organisers withhold the right to be selective. The workshop is open to industry, public sector and academia. Lunch is included. All attendees are required to bring their own Windows-based laptop.

The event will be held at CENSIS, Inovo Building, 121 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD.

Registration is now open. For full event details and how to register visit