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Data and Design On The Inside

  • The Lighthouse 11 Mitchell Ln, Glasgow G1 3NU Glasgow (map)
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Free Event

Data and Design On The Inside is a breakfast session at the Lighthouse (11 Mitchell Ln, Glasgow G1 3NU) in Glasgow on the 15th March 2019. The event will invite around 40 to 60 participants to see behind the scenes of organisations that are harnessing the power of data and design to tackle the real-life challenges. Participants will include front-line staff in the private, public and third sector, service managers and commissioners and people working or studying in the fields of data and design.

Scotland has thriving data communities, and the Data Lab has played a crucial role in developing and strengthening them. Similarly, Scotland is adopting service design at scale across the private, public and third sectors. There is now emerging practice linking the two together: data practitioners and service designers working together to maximise the impact of their projects.

We need to understand how our disciplines fit together, and what we can each bring to a project. Service designers want to design services as end-to-end experiences that help users achieve their goals, are practical for staff, and are sustainable so that organisations can continue to deliver them. Data experts help organisations manage their data efficiently, so that data can be an asset that enables evidence-based policies and decisions.

The event is an opportunity for designers, creatives and practitioners to get to know each other, explore how they might work together, and build a common language. We will be exploring the ins and outs of how data and design are being implemented, used, and scaled across organisations.

Data and Design On The Inside aims to uncover the reality of how organisations design the products and services that we use every day. It is time to shine a light on the often difficult journey that organisations and individuals face when trying to design great things. We strive for honest conversations that reveal the real side of making great things happen.

Three guests from the industry will share their experiences of working on the inside, running projects that combine data and design, to deliver greater value to users, are easier to deliver for staff, and more sustainable for organisations. The event will be informal, with each presenter giving a short presentation of their work before opening the conversation to the participants.

Tontine is the ideal place to hold this event, as Tontine’s mission is to encourage collaboration, innovation, and high growth in emerging technology sectors. It has developed a homegrown network intersecting sensor and smart cities, satellite development and data innovation. Data and Design will build on this and connect new talent and existing business communities.

Designers are traditionally strong at getting the outside of a service right: the customer or user side. However, getting the ‘inside’ of the service right is critical to implementing sustainable services. Data is the linchpin that allows data practitioners and designers to work together to align the outside and the inside of a service.

The connection between design and data opens up opportunities for various industry sectors to engage with academia and the public sector. The Tontine offers a forum to explore how both aspects of the event can offer new solutions or create new relationships. Importantly it strengthens the relationship between people, data and businesses.

Speaking at The Scotsman Conference on Data Driven Innovation in November 2018, David Smith, of Scottish Enterprise stated that Scotland’s economy stands to benefit from a £20 billion productivity boost if the opportunities of data are fully realised.

Organisations struggle to understand the data they hold, and how they can use their data better to deliver their core missions. They also struggle to understand how they need to set up their current systems, so that they have the information they need in the future to continuously improve.

For organisations, harnessing design and data is an effective way to address the multi-faceted challenges they face – in particular those which need to deliver services to meet the increasing needs of users, those under tight budget constraints, and prove the business case of change. Applying purely data-driven approaches will not deliver the change that these organisations strive for.