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DataVisHub Symposium, Exhibition and Collider

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Symposium (Lecture), Exhibition and Workshops


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The DataVisHub symposium, exhibition and collider will bring together researchers, artists, data scientists, data visualisation specialists, and data holders to explore how cross-sector collaborations around data visualisation can create public and social impact and citizen engagement through data. In the morning, a keynote and short talks will highlight the opportunities and impact of data visualisation in relation to issues such as Peace, Inequality, and Urban Transformation. Over lunch, participants will be invited to view an exhibition of novel data visualisations developed through collaborations between the University of Edinburgh and city region partners. In the afternoon, a collider-style event will link interested participants with data visualisers and develop concepts for new data visualisation activity.

The aim of the event is to catalyse activity around the emerging DataVisHub at the University of Edinburgh, which will provide a data visualisation technology resource alongside trainings and workshops, research and teaching, and public engagement and knowledge exchange activities.

This event builds on last year's DataVisFest for Inequality and Inclusion, which was part of DataFest 2018, and a subsequent project with the Edinburgh Futures Institute to create data comics to explain complex issues around data and inequality. It is also linked to the new Edinburgh Data Visualization MeetUp.