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Food and Drink Manufacturing Lifecycle Hackathon

  • Aberdeen University (map)
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While the theme is a ‘Food and Drink Manufacturing Lifecycle’ Hackathon, the event is intended to demonstrate to the wider business community the benefits in such an approach to tackling their challenges. It will also allow students from a range of courses at both universities to interact with local businesses. The event will take place at Aberdeen University.

The weekend will be run by local group Code The City who have experience in running 15 such events. The format is a combination of service design workshop and hack event which uses CTC's refined methodology of identifying challenges, idea generation and aglile prototyping over a two day period. It promotes the use of, or creation of, both open data and open source code.

For this to be a success it essential that we attract a mix of participants: from service users (the public) and service providers to university students, schools, coders, local digital businesses, data wranglers, designers, service providers, and the public sector). We will seek to have up to 50 attendees.

The event will examine what transport data is currently available (and use that), and look at what data could should be released as open data to support innovation and creative solutions to challenges in the transport domain.

Both ONE Digital and Food and Agri sectoral leads will engage with their respective communities of practitioners, to encourage participation and engagement with the weekend and its outcomes. This will include looking at what data the farming, transport, processing, and retail sectors share and use, and will focus thinking on how a more open, standards-based approach will deliver economic and societal benefits.

Previous events have demonstrated a tangible skills-transfer through team working. We will encourage attendees of all ages to attend, and to look what transport provision operates in their area - and to reshape what that could be like in the future.

Note that this is a 2 day workshop to be held on 16th and 17th March 2018