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Powering Personalisation Through Segmentation: The Art and the Science

  • Union House 18 Inverleith Terrace Edinburgh EH3 5NS (map)
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Date: 13th March 4pm - 6pm, including networking drinks afterwards.

Venue: Union House, 18 Inverleith Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 5NS

Capacity: up to 40.

Target Audience: marketing industry and public sector primarily. Designed mainly with a marketing audience, but relevant for anyone who communicates with an audience and wants to improve relevance by understanding how to identify and target audience segments.

The Event:

All modern marketing is powered by data. This event will explore one common method to improve the use of data, segmenting your audience into smaller homogenous groups and then personalising the communications strategy to each segment.

Choosing the correct segmentation approach is a vital component to any marketing strategy as it informs both who you will communicate with and, equally importantly, how. There are many different forms of segmentation and many different technical solutions available. Illustrated through case studies from the application of segmentation in various sectors (including retail, finance, charity, utility and public sector, B2B and B2C) of the marketing analytics arena, we will explore some of the various methods available explaining how they work, when they work best, and which to use. Of course the available data needs to inform this choice, but we will also explore why it should not be the sole deciding factor, and show that effective segmentation models need to involve a blend of both the Art and the Data Science.