Fringe Events: 9 to 20 March 2020
Across Scotland

A series of events across Scotland, run by external partners under the DataFest umbrella. This can include hackathons, debates, meetups, and any innovative activities focused on data innovation and collaboration #BeyondData.


The DataFest20 Fringe programme.

The DataFest20 Fringe programme aims to support collaboration through a series of events across Scotland exploring, hacking and debating data innovation. Events can include meetups, hackathons, debates, public engagement, training programmes and any innovative activities that explore what can be achieved if we look #BeyondData.

Fringe events are run by external partners under the DataFest banner. Organisations are invited to submit their proposal to host a DataFest20 Fringe Event.

An open call for fringe events will be open later in 2019.


Previous Fringe Events

DataFest19 hosted over 60 fringe events in 7 cities, including a series of workshops, talks, debates, hackathons, networking events and school events.


Have a look at this video highlighting a few of our Data Fest Fringe events:


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