Scotland’s two-week festival of Data Innovation comes back from the 9th to 20th March 2020. 



Now in its fourth year, DataFest will once again showcase Scotland's leading role in data science and artificial intelligence on the international stage, while offering an unparalleled networking platform where you can interact with local and international talent, industry, academia and data enthusiasts. 



This year, we are taking DataFest #BeyondData. We want to showcase the real impacts that data and AI can have in people’s lives. We will focus on what’s beyond what we are capable of with data and existing technologies today, and look at the value that data can bring to businesses in every industry sector, in our cities and the world, in innovation and discoveries, and in our future! 

Let’s explore what is possible when we go #BeyondData to drive real impact for good.

Delegate Views

  • Data-driven innovation has the potential to deliver great benefits to Scottish businesses and our economy more widely. Scotland has a highly skilled workforce with great strengths in areas such as data and digital, and investors are increasingly seeing us as an attractive location for growing their business. I’m very pleased that DataFest is bringing these opportunities to people across the country and bringing an international audience to Edinburgh for another successful Data Summit
    — First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon
  • What I love about DataFest is that it's utterly authentic - driven by people who want data and AI to be put to the best possible use, attended by those who want to connect with others on this mission. It is also shedloads of fun.
    — Maggie Philbin OBE
  • DataTech was a fantastic experience for me - it was a great opportunity to learn about some of the cutting-edge work being done in data science in Scotland, the UK and around the world. I particularly appreciated the amount of time given for meeting and chatting with people. I made some great contacts who I expect to be in touch with long after the event.
    — Debbie Bard
  • It was a fantastic event in so many ways. In terms of event management we were impressed (loved the lightning talks- great prompt for students to then approach stands) And the workshops were useful. I had some great conversations and have followed up with lots of new contacts who are keen to engage in other ways.
    — Alison Parkinson, University of Edinburgh Careers Service

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