DataFest19 is a festival of data innovation run by The Data Lab, with events hosted across Scotland in March 2019.



Data innovation is disrupting all areas of our lives, from personal health to smart transport, from shopping to energy efficiency, from business to public services and beyond. The theme for the festival will focus on data driven innovation, and this year the programme will have a special focus on collaboration. 


Delegate Views

  • DataFest17 was an absolute triumph. Congratulations to The Data Lab team for pulling off one of the most impressive ‘inaugural’ events I have attended in a long time. The speakers, the participation, the venue were really all second to none.
    — Roderick Crawford, Director Public Sector, SAS
  • It was the best event of its kind that I’ve been to for quite some time…really impressed! We made some great contacts and really enjoyed all of the sessions. Thanks again and a pat on the back to you all.
    — Steven Kendrick, SICSA Executive Officer
  • IQX's DataFest experience was great. Datafest not only exposed IQX to a number of talented individuals, it also was cost effective when comparing to current recruitment costs. We're happy to announce that we have now hired our first data scientist thanks to the DataFest.
    — Luke Harte, iqx
  • I thought DataFest was excellent and I learnt a lot from the talks and interactions. Overall it provided me with significant insight into the ways in which the data-enabled economy is evolving and growing in Scotland and beyond. I met a good number of interesting people at the event and this has already led to new productive interactions.
    — Steve Brewer, University of Southhampton

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